Friday, 27 July 2007

germany journey

this is my first go aboard. i feeled so exciting!
we started on July 24. i will stay there for two month. this is a unforgetable journey in my life. passionate, expectancy, happiness to star up my everyday!
deeply breath, view everything, taste food sapor, learn cuturl .........
do everything i nerver do!!haha~~~

Friday, 25 May 2007

HRH needs plastic surgery

The Queen was in Brighton last week, she was apparently just there for a visit and a walkabout, but the truth of the matter is that she went for cosmetic surgery at the Royal Sussex County Hospital.

Resplendent in a hat that a family of four could comfortably live in, Her Majesty popped in for a half hour session at the RSCH's OAP Botox Clinic. We like our city's old people to look good, you see, so OAPs get a 70% discount on high-street Botox prices.

I was there getting my head wound seen to and saw HRH sneaking in through the back door to the Botox clinic. She even jumped the queue by flashing her OAP card, pushing in front of a saying "fuck off, Granny, I'm the Queen". I spoke to one of the nurses after my appointment. She told me that she had used up a whole month's worth of Botox and had refused to pay any money. She said that there was no point in her paying as the people of Britain would pay regardless.

I have to admit, she does look beautiful, but her attitude sucks. If anyone can behave like a complete cunt in Brighton it's me, the fact that the old witch owns the country is beside the point. And Brighton has plenty of more convincing queens.

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Land nurse

I can not remember your names.
I make sure your voice
And your sweet smile in my heart.
I can not remember your names.
Your busying silhouette
And waving split skirt in my eyes.
I forget your great name.
I remember that your softness hand
And sweat face.
Your Kindness loveliness worshipful
I already forget your names
I already remember one name forever.
Have a kind of ordinary call the nurse.
Have a kind of lofty call the nurse.
There is a kind of beauty call nurse.I bless your Happy as Florence Nightingale.

Monday, 23 April 2007

some feelling about visit at exhibition

Today, I had go to Shunde procurement Fair for Materials, Parts; Fittings of Household Electrical Appliances 2007. Although I just a general student, not a great business man, but my curiosity, desirable, interesting, cause me must to have a travel.
From exhibition, I saw lots of enterprises to show their products and perform the machine process. Well, the exhibition is gathering thousands of home appliance manufacturing enterprises, and showing their manufacture technology to the world. Because of that, many companies and factory are catching the great moment and attempt to find the business opportunities. Ultimately, achieve double wins.
With the rapid and continuous development of the home appliance industry, the materials suppliers, parts and fittings suppliers of household electrical appliances in China are emerging into the global industry chain, transnational corporations must pay great attention to the advantages of China’s fitting capabilities of parts and fittings.
I feel so powerful after seeing the exhibition, I found that combine with lots of raw
material, efficient machines, professional technology, will create a great deal of household
electrical appliances.
It is true that this exhibition has its own worth while value for me, I can learn much knowledge what I can't find in school, enlarge my eyereach.

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Online Customer Service

Today, there has a new course to learn---Implementing Online Customer Service. Before the class, I was considered service is an easy, simple matter. But after that I had been surprised that service is credibility for our life and business. On this module we will study reference knowledge about online customer service. In the first class, we talked about that, to recognize elementary service’s definition, the influence of our society by service, and so on.
What’s service? Service is intangible. We can’t see, we can’t touch, but can feel. Service just a process. Service can be a product, or a product’s appendage. During the class, I also had known the relation between supplier and buyer. In different time, one business can be deliver different role; can be a supplier or buyer.
I very enjoy this courses I think it’s my once good start. To my joy is the teacher can tell us more and more examples for us to understand every important point. No just theory, to combine actual examples. In a word, I like the course, and I will try my best to study well.

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Drama "Earthliness" back to celebrate Chinese drama centennial

The cast of the play "Earthliness" have gone back to college for their contribution to the centennial celebrations for Chinese drama. A staple of the repertoire of the National Theatre Company of China, "Earthliness" is drawing a full-houses at Peking University with its thought-provoking storyline and star-studded cast.
This is an "angel" tragically fallen to the earth. Beautiful and pure-hearted, she is yet forced to succumb to terrestrial misery.
Not given a name, she is known as simple the wife of pedicab-driver, De zi. Sold as a girl by her debt-ridden father, she went from one human trader to another, finally ending up in a brothel. She was rescued from that plight in 1949, married and thought the rest of her life could have a brighter future.

However the nightmare began again when people around found out her past as a prostitute. Finally it cost her life in the turbulent days of the Cultural Revolution.
Zhu Yuanyuan, an established star on the small screen, excels in the heart-rending role.
Veteran actor Liu Peiqi is masterful as the vicious Ma Sansheng who stirs up so much trouble for her.
Liu Peiqi, actor of "Earthliness", said, "When I first read the script, I really didn't like the character of Ma Sansheng, somebody who hits people when they are down. So during rehearsals I had a lot of trouble putting my heart into the role. Later I realized the more wicked Ma Sansheng was, the more tragic the heroine appeared."

"Earthliness" is based on an award-winning novel written by Huo Da in the 1980s. Through his acerbic account of his nameless heroine's life and death, the author savages those who allowed their values to becomes twisted by opportunism or political upheaval.

Monday, 16 April 2007

2008 Beijing Olympics tickets go on sale

The Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games holds a press conference about sale of tcikets for the 2008 Olympics on Sunday, April 15, 2007. [Photo:]

More than seven million tickets are now on sale for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. They can be bought on-line from the Olympic website or from 1,000 branches of the Bank of China.
The Beijing Organizing Committee for Olympic Games wants to make sure the tickets are affordable and available.
A quarter of the seven million tickets will be sold overseas.
For popular events, where application exceeds availability, tickets will be allocated by a random draw.
Wang Wei, vice president, BOCOG, said, "On the basis of thorough investigation and research, we have made the prices of tickets acceptable for most ordinary people. We will also have special tickets for students of primary and middle schools."
Tickets for more than half of the sports sessions will cost less than 100 yuan, which is about 12 US dollars. Tickets for the opening ceremony will range from 200 to 5,000 yuan, about 25 to 650 US dollars. Some tickets will be reserved for young Chinese people and children, to encourage them to see sports, and these will cost less than 50 US cents each.
Apart from tickets reserved for the Olympic Family, sponsors, security and broadcasters, some 63,000 tickets are available for the opening ceremony that will take place in the newly built National Stadium on the 8th August 2008.
Rong Jun, director Olympic ticketing center, said, "The domestic public has access to about 40 percent, which is higher than the Athens Games in 2004."
Foreigners, as well as residents in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan will be able to buy Olympic tickets through their National Olympic Committees or from designated outlets.